Guía para la seguridad de cuentas

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    Una contraseña segura garantiza seguridad en vuestras cuentas en internet y evita que otros personas accedan a vuestras cuentas y hagan cosas que no os gustaría.

    Muchos expertos, por un tiempo, estaban convencidos que la diversidad en la contraseñas era la clave. Bueno, esto es ciertamente correcto, pero, la forma más segura de crear una contraseña es haciendola muy larga. Cuanto más larga, más segura.

    Si tenéis miedo de no memorizar una contraseña larga o la plataforma/web/herramienta no permite recordarlas, lo que significa: que vuestra contraseña no puede ser larga, hacedla más diversa. Para este fin, añadid una variedad de numeros y carácteres especiales que aumenten la fuerza de vuestra contraseña, a la vez que mayúsculas y minúsculas.

    Una forma de tener una buena contraseña y poder recordarla es hacer una frase sencilla: Por ejemplo:

    Hay 4 archivos adjuntos en este largo Email.

    This sentence is definitely easy to remember and it contains everything we need: uppercase and lowercase characters, a number, a special char and even spaces. This would be a fairly secure password. If the platform/website/game doesn't allow for this kind of password you can use the same sentence but only use the first letter of each word; the password would then be Ta4fattvlE. which could definitely be improved upon, but it's a good start. IF this is the method you'd go for, make sure to come up with a sentence that doesn't contain too many words that start with the same letter.

    In general this is something you also need to pay attention to: too much repetition is bad, as consecutive characters make bruteforcing a password easier.

    As important as its diversity and strength are for a password's safety, the best password doesn't help if your treating it carelessly. You should never share your login data with anyone. Not even with support. Support doesn't need your password to check out things or help you. Your account is yours. You should keep it that way.

    Also you should not use the same set of login credentials on different websites/platforms/games. Always alternate parts of it so that if one of your sets of credentials is compromised the others may remain somewhat secured.

    If your problem is actually remembering passwords you could consider using a password database, the ones most commonly known would probably be KeePass and Dashlane. Here you only have to remember one master password and all other passwords and login credentials are stored in the database.

    Check if your password is safe here.

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