Maintenance 28.05.2019 -Guildlands info

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    • Maintenance 28.05.2019 -Guildlands info

      Dear Players,

      as announced already, all countries will have their maintenance on Tuesday (28.05.2019, 10:00 CEST), which is also why it might take a bit longer than usual.

      But we also have some good news for you! The guild lands on the merged servers will finally be opened again during the maintenance. But we are taking a slightly different approach this time.
      The guild lands on map one (18 per empire) will automatically be distributed to the most active guilds. Of course, „activity“ can be measured in many different ways. Among other things, the distribution is based on the accumulated playtime of all guild members over the last couple of months.

      If you were already owning a guild land but are also eligible for a territory on map one, your old guild land will be exchanged for the new, better one. In such cases, resources for building will be refunded to the guild leader.
      Guild lands that have not been taken yet will still be available for purchase. So, if you are not amongst the lucky winners, you might still be able to get your hands on one.

      Good Luck!
      Your Metin2

      Signature made by Chirris
    • Dear players,

      we are aware that there are still free guild lands in each empire on Map1. Currently those guild lands cannot be bought because the NPCs are missing.

      The remaining guild land will be distributed during an upcoming maintenance.

      Your Metin2-Team

      Signature made by Chirris