Importante Aegon: Quest Ranking Rewards

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    • Aegon: Quest Ranking Rewards

      Dear players,

      the rewards for the top 3 players of the quest ranking for the first 2 weeks of the new server are now delivered (you can find them in the itemshop deposit)! Please keep in mind that the ranking is gathered every Monday early in the morning for each week, so it might differ from the current results.

      Congratulations to the winners!

      :arrow: WEEK 1

      1st place: UFC

      Rewards: 10x Caja de Cachorros , 10x Baúl del Poder , Zapatos Viento+ (negoc.) , Sello de Rufus

      2nd place: Eddard

      Rewards: Zapatos Viento+ (negoc.),5x Baúl del Poder , 10x Caja de Cachorros

      3rd place: Toothy

      Rewards: Zapatos Viento+ (negoc.), 5x Caja de Cachorros

      :arrow: WEEK 2

      1st place: Contundente

      Rewards: 200x Capa de valor, 50x Defensa del Dios Dragón, 15x Manual del Herrero, 50x Bendición del Dragón, 50x Ataque del Dios Dragón, 50x Intel. del Dios Dragón, 50x Vida del Dios Dragón

      2nd place: IIProdigyII

      Rewards: 100x Capa de valor, 25x Defensa del Dios Dragón, 25x Intel. del Dios Dragón, 25x Ataque del Dios Dragón, 25x Vida del Dios Dragón, 25x Bendición del Dragón, 10x Manual del Herrero

      3rd place:

      Rewards: 40x Capa de valor, 10x Defensa del Dios Dragón, 10x Intel. del Dios Dragón, 10x Ataque del Dios Dragón, 10x Vida del Dios Dragón, 10x Bendición del Dragón, 5x Manual del Herrero

      -The next weeks will follow-

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    • Nuevo

      WEEK 3

      1st place: IIProdigyII

      Rewards: 2x Baúl Guerreros Corp. (G) , Sello de Khan

      2nd place: Adri1711

      Rewards: Baúl Guerreros Corp. (G), Sello de Rufus

      3rd place: KREUL Rewards: Baúl Sura Armamento (P)

      3rd place: Zaria Rewards: Baúl Chamanes Drag. (P)

      3rd place: UFC Rewards: Baúl Guerreros Ment. (P)

      (Keep in mind that in order to receive rewards in case you are in the top 3, you will have to have a higher amount than last week.)

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